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Imagine a day without cars!

Kids have a special day to celebrate the bicycle. Also happens to be the solemnest day in the Jewish calendar. How do they both co-exist?


Holiday Party is a Go!

We reserved BJ’s for the Holiday Party and December Club Meeting.
Watch this space for more details!


“Isn’t it just for road riders?”

This morning when I was riding back home on my folding bike on 30th St West from a run at Marie Kerr Park, I saw a fellow who was just finishing up a mountain bike ride in the hills. I said, “Hi,” and asked him, “Do you knew about the bike club?”

“Isn’t it just for road riders?” he asked. The same question most everyone I tell about the club asks me. “I think I went to a meeting once, but it seemed mostly for road cyclists and I’m a mountain biker.”

“No,” I said. “It’s for all cyclists. Granted, we have quite a few road cyclists and we do have road rides, but we also have guys who do cyclocross, track, and mountain biking. I’m not fast and most of the time I ride this little folding bike around town and I’m a club member.”

We exchanged names and he asked where and when the meetings are. I hope he will remember the conversation and come to the next club meeting. I hope that we develop activities for non-road riders that help them feel included in the club. I think we will grow, if we offer a big tent with room for everyone.


Should we count bikes in the AV?

The LA Bicycle Coalition is counting bicycles in LA:

“We want L.A. to be truly bike friendly and we noticed that all the major bike-friendly, or getting-to-be-bike-friendly cities, all have bicycle counts,” said Dorothy Le, the Downtown-based coalition’s director of planning and policy. “We figured, if they’re really bike friendly, these counts must be part of why they are.”

Why don’t we plan to do something on a smaller scale here in the AV? It would certainly help to have accurate facts and figures when we advocate for cycling with the cities and county.


September Club Meeting

Don’t forget that this upcoming Monday is our monthly Club meeting.
* This will be our last meeting before the Club Century*
So, come out and get in on the preparation and planning.
Especially if you have signed up on our Volunteer sheets!

Monday, September 21st @ 7 pm. Nick’s Pizzeria.