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Bikeside works for policy change

A post on Neon Tommy (h/t Streetsblog LA) about Bikeside LA’s bicycle activism in Los Angeles including an interview with Bikeside founder Alex Thompson:

. . . in a city where bike advocacy is quickly growing into bike activism, Bikeside LA is looking to be a booming voice in the, sometimes contentious, conversation. It was founded by Alex Thompson, who helped author the Cyclists Bill of Rights, co-founded Bikerowave and is known for his open disdain of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), a longtime bike advocacy organization.

It’s not just ramped-up ideology that separates Bikeside from the LACBC. Both are non-profits, but Bikeside is a 501(c)(4), which means it’s unrestrained in its lobbying efforts. And unrestrained is how Thompson wants it. (It also means donations to Bikeside are not tax deductible.)

“We are a pure lobbying organization. Parties, bike rides and film screenings — all these things are secondary to our main purpose: making policy change,” Thompson writes on, the website where the organization’s name is followed by the slogan, “resistance is futile.”


Collegiate teams race in the AV

Velo News carried this story about Southern California college teams competing here in the Antelope Valley:

n the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference’s only split race weekend, Southern California teams did battle in the windswept Antelope Valley at UCLA’s road race and time trials. . .

Abandoning their cosmopolitan Los Angeles neighborhood, the UCLA team chose the folksy town of Pearblossom for their road race, subjecting riders to multiple rounds of a 12.5-mile course that featured 1,500 feet of climbing per lap.