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Bikeside works for policy change

A post on Neon Tommy (h/t Streetsblog LA) about Bikeside LA’s bicycle activism in Los Angeles including an interview with Bikeside founder Alex Thompson:

. . . in a city where bike advocacy is quickly growing into bike activism, Bikeside LA is looking to be a booming voice in the, sometimes contentious, conversation. It was founded by Alex Thompson, who helped author the Cyclists Bill of Rights, co-founded Bikerowave and is known for his open disdain of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), a longtime bike advocacy organization.

It’s not just ramped-up ideology that separates Bikeside from the LACBC. Both are non-profits, but Bikeside is a 501(c)(4), which means it’s unrestrained in its lobbying efforts. And unrestrained is how Thompson wants it. (It also means donations to Bikeside are not tax deductible.)

“We are a pure lobbying organization. Parties, bike rides and film screenings — all these things are secondary to our main purpose: making policy change,” Thompson writes on, the website where the organization’s name is followed by the slogan, “resistance is futile.”