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HDC Proud

HDC Proud 2014 – this member’s competition has started!

The ‘HDC Proud’ is a one-year contest in which members are acknowledged for their support of club sponsored events. The purpose of the contest is to reward the most loyal club members and of course it also will create a little competition between members. This is a contest that is not based on races, it rewards members who turn up to events and volunteer or partake in the event. Extra points are available for members who show their support for the club by wearing club jersey’s or t-shirts.


The top 10 most HDC Proud members will be rewarded with a commemorative prize. The winners of the HDC Proud will be announced at the club’s Christmas Meeting and Dinner in December.


To become eligible for an award, you must fulfill the following requirements within the calendar year:

  1. You must be a club member.
  1. You must ride (and/or volunteer) in a minimum of one dozen HDC events (this includes monthly meetings, Sunday group rides and special events).

Points? How do I earn points?

Points will be awarded according to the chart below.

The most successful members will score something in as many of these boxes as possible. The points can be broken down into seven areas:

  1. The first way to score points in the High Desert Cyclists Points Contest is to get out there and participate in the High Desert Cyclists rides. Bonus points awarded for wearing HDC jersey or t-shirt.
  2. If you step up and organize a ride/event.
  3. The third part of scoring is to volunteer at HDC Events.
  4. The fourth part of scoring is to participate in the High Desert Cyclists Monthly Meetings.
  5. The fifth and last way of scoring is to wear either your HDC jersey or t-Shirt while partaking in a non-HDC organized bike event.
  6. If you bring a new member who joins HDC.
  7. You are featured in a news article, winner’s podium wearing the HDC logo.

The scoring will be awarded as follows:-

HDC Cycling Event 10pts plus 2pts for wearing HDC jersey or t-shirt
HDC Ride Organizer 5pts
Volunteer at HDC Cycling Event 10pts plus 2pts for wearing HDC jersey or t-shirt
HDC Monthly Meetings 10pts plus 2pts for wearing HDC jersey or t-shirt
Wearing HDC Jersey or T-shirt at non HDC event 5pts
Getting a new member to sign up 15pts
News article, podium finish, wearing HDC 10pts


Finally: How do you get credit for your points?

It is your responsibility to make sure the HDC Board is aware of when you gathered points. For non-HDC events please take/get a photo of yourself wearing your HDC shirt and include it with your notification.

You can report your points two ways, firstly by sending an email to HDC and secondly by reporting your points at HDC monthly meetings.

At the majority of HDC Events a roll call will be taken and it noted who was there, however to be sure your points are correct and nothing was missed please still notify us.

The HDC Board will have the final decision on any discrepancies of points awarded.

Contest Progress

The HDC website and Facebook will be regularly updated with the current contest progress.


HDC President Kevin Walsh finishes 2012 Furnace Creek 508

Our congratulations to High Desert Cyclists club president Kevin Walsh (Wolverine), who rode from Santa Clarita to 29 Palms over the weekend in AdventureCorps Furnace Creek 508 race. Amazing job, Kevin!

Kevin Walsh Furnace Creek 508 2012

Kevin Walsh accepts his finishers medal and commemorative jersey after he finishes the Furnace Creek 508 in 41:01:01

Kevin will recount his latest 508 adventure at our monthly meeting on Monday, October 15th, at Nick’s Pizzeria. You won’t want to miss this!


Words from Colin Baird

As I rode through the South of France this morning, (or, was it Leona Valley’s Wine Country?), I thought about nothing. While it took me almost an hour to get my mind to think about nothing, I realized I had accomplished my goal for my daily training ride. I then turned around and headed back for reality and my day at work, but I still had another 45 minutes to think about nothing as I blazed home at a rocket ship pace (well, okay it was 28 mph, but that’s fast for me). This is why I ride. It’s so my mind will turn off and deal with the sounds of the birds, the wheels motioning over the open road, the coyote’s yearning for a fresh meal, and to hear what nature has in store for each one of us lucky enough to get our daily rides in.

Speaking of daily rides, this Saturday October 6th is the day I’ve been waiting for, (primarily because I don’t HAVE to work), but also because our own Kevin Walsh and Jim Harris will both be competing in the grueling 48 hour, 508 mile (that’s right, no sleep), Furnace Creek 508. It is perhaps the toughest sanctioned bicycling event for endurance athletes anywhere.

Your chance to see the entire cast of nut cases who ride this annual event (Kevin and Jim, you are both indeed nuts) will be this Saturday October 6th between the hours of 7:45 and 11:00 AM at 110th and Avenue J. I will lead a contingency of riders out from our normal starting point of 1965 West Avenue L (the Ralph’s Shopping Center). Since I want to make certain we get there on time, I’m planning on leaving at 0645. If you don’t make it there by 0645, I’m sure there will be stragglers who leave at 0700, but you may not see the groups as they go flying down Johnson Hill Road at nearly 60 MPH! I’ll be waiting at Avenue J and 110th as the solo riders and their support trucks come flying down the hill. Kevin will be riding under the guises of “Wolverine”, and Jim will be under “Great Eagle”.

I have nothing formal planned for Saturday, but once the solo group goes by, I may head up to Upper Shake Campground above Lake Hughes and head back down to the valley floor to watch the second wave go through later in the morning. You are welcome (and encouraged) to join me. Lots of fun and camaraderie….

The pace for Saturday will be slow so I can enjoy myself. After all, It’s all about me….

Anyways, bye for now.

The Big Diesel


Bicycle John’s Lancaster Open House… (click on flyer to view)

Grand Opening Flyer



COMING SOON:….Bicycle John’s Caffe Racers cycling club. New club rides and club info will be posted late October. This club will help beginner cyclist(NO-ONE-LEFT-BEHIND)


LA Street Summit 2010 – Biking, Walking and Beyond!

This sounds like it might be an interesting conference.

Saturday March 20, 2010

LA Trade Tech College
10:30 am – 5:00 pm tentatively
Admission is FREE!!

Thursday March 18th 2010

Antionette & Vincent M. Dungan Lecture on Energy and the Environment by Janette Sadik-Khan

In March 2009, more than 300 community residents, activists, researchers, and others gathered at L.A. Trade Tech for the 2009 L.A. Bike Summit. Building on that experience and broadening the agenda to include the parallel issues of biking, walking, and related streets issues, The Urban & Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College is helping facilitate the L.A. STREET SUMMIT 2010: BIKING, WALKING, AND MORE. Along those lines, we are seeking individuals and organizations to provide educational and action-related workshops for this 2010at the Streets Summit 2010.

There’s a link on the page to register. I’m thinking about going, since I will be in Los Angeles that Saturday. Perhaps we could send a contingent from the AV cycling community?


The economic benefits of bicycle infrastructure

Today on Streetsblog:

Yesterday on the Streetsblog Network, member blog Portlandize published a great post summarizing the economic benefits of better cycling infrastructure. The piece serves as a response to those who might have their doubts about Portland’s ambitious new Bicycle Plan for 2030.

Just one of the benefits:

What many cities in Europe have found out, is that pedestrians and cyclists are better shoppers than those who arrive in automobiles. They are more able to stop on a whim, browse casually, and for those who don’t own a car, the fact that they aren’t spending loads on owning and operating an automobile all the time means they potentially have more money to spend./blockquote>


This week’s L.A. Livable Streets Events

This is a busy week for livable streets events:

Wednesday – The Los Angeles County Bicycle Advisory Committee will meet to discuss the county’s upcoming Bike Master Plan.

Thursday –The Bike Working Group for the Arroyo Seco project will meet to discuss the status of the bike trail associated with the project.

Friday – Metro is hosting what is basically an all-day “Town Hall Meeting” with Boxer and LaHood to discuss the upcoming transportation (including bicycle funding) reauthorization bill.

Friday – Doug Failing of the highway division at Metro is holding a “bike roundtable” at 2:00 P.M.

Saturday – C.I.C.L.E.’s monthly urban expeditions ride tours the L.A. River. Departs at 12:30 at L.A. River Center Street: 570 W. Avenue 26.


Road Rage on the Planet of the Apes

Could this be Los Angeles in 5 years?

Road Rage on the Planet of the Apes


Cubby and the Great Chiweenie!

The Great Chiweenie gives his approval after riding the race course of the SoCal Cyclocross presented by the High Desert Cyclists.av-cyclocross-0141