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Little bit of Italy fun ride Ojai

What a great day of fun HDC cyclists and friends had out of town on Saturday, November 9th. We all met under the pier in Ventura at 0830 and from there we rode up the railroad trail to Foster Park. From there one group continued on the bike path to Ojai and the other group turned off onto Santa Ana Road and climbed up past Lake Casitas and into Ojai. Once we reached Ojai those who wanted a challenge continued to the summit of Dennison Grade. At Dennison Grade we turned around and headed back the way we came. At the end of a terrific day of riding we all met up at Boccali’s Pizza and Pasta Restaurant in Ojai where we shared our day’s adventures.

Our group starting at Ventura.

Our group starting at Ventura.


HDC Christmas Party – 16th Dec

The Club’s annual Christmas Party will be in the banquet room of the Texas Cattle Company. You can order your meal from the menu.xmas1

The Club will give a voucher worth $15 toward the dinner of members who have volunteered their services at any of the 2013 events. Other members and guests are responsible for their own dinners and drinks. The Club will pay the gratuity for all members and guests. This is a great opportunity to introduce potential new members to our Club.

  • Highlights of coming events.
  • Slide-presentation of events and members from 2005 – 2013.
  • Gift exchange.
  • Raffle winner ($500 gift certificate Bicycle John’s) will be announced.

We ask that you bring a dessert to share. Cookies, a cake, a pie or candy or your specialty.  Please bring your own serving spoon. Club will supply the paper plates and plastic utensils.

Christmas exchange game–steal a gift. It is an option to join in the game. xmas2Bring a wrapped gift/or in a bag, up to $15.  Example:  Gift certificates, wine, candy, CDs or something not gender specific.

The restaurant would like to know the number people to be expected.

Please RSVP to Elaine Macdonald by Friday December 13th

661-946-1976 or

The Texas Cattle Company menu has something for everyone.

Texas Cattle Company
44206 West 10th Street, Lancaster
(South of Ave. J)

Monday, December 16th 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


HDC Sponsors Poker Ride Oct 27th

Sincere thanks to the 31 riders who turned out and supported the club poker ride today. By all accounts, everyone had a great time on the 40 and 20-mile routes.

Congratulations to Ben on his full-house win and Dawn on three-of-a-kind second.

The weather was fantastic, our sponsor Total Health & Fitness hospitable (with a HUGE thank you to Florence who willingly helped so much), and our continental breakfast (supplied by TH&F, and Paul and Ingrid) yummy.

Welcome Derek and Steve, the newest HDC members, who signed up today!

Take care everyone. Have fun and be safe riding, and hope to see you all at our regular rides real soon.


All 31 riders at the start.

Heading up 90th to Ave L


Some of the HDC members at the event.



HDC supports The Painted Turtle, Saturday, October 19

On Saturday, October 19, a 7-member team from High Desert Cyclists rode the 62-mile route in the Tour De Turtle, supporting the fundraising efforts of The Painted Turtle.

At the finish line, five members of the team.

The ride started from The Painted Turtle in Lake Hughes and headed out along Elizabeth Lake Road to Castaic Lake. From there the riders headed into Santa Clarita before heading up San Francisquito Canyon Road and back to Lake Hughes.

The course was challenging with head winds all the way along San Francisquito Canyon Road. Showing great team spirit, 5 riders rode together encouraging each other along the route before arriving back at Lake Hughes, quite exhausted. They rode across the finish line together.  Supporting the riders were 5 club members. Three of these members were recruited by The Painted Turtle to take bib numbers as riders crossed the finish line. It was a great display of support for our riders and The Painted Turtle.

Our final rest stop


The riding and support team

Four of the HDC support team: Elaine, Ingrid, Nancy, and Diane

Phil and Colin at the start


All ready for the start, Mike, Paul and Tony.


This week is a BIG Bike Week in more ways than one!

There are many cycling activities happening in the Antelope Valley this week. For spectators, Stage 3 of the Tour of California, a 110 mile loop from Palmdale to Santa Clarita will start Tuesday from Marie Kerr Park at 11:15AM. For more info on the TOC:

This week is Bike-To-Work Week. Thursday, May 16th is Bike-To-Work Day! The High Desert Cyclists, in coordination with LA Metro, has set up a bike-to-work day Pit Stop at Bicycle Johns, Lancaster from 6AM to 9AM. Coffee and snacks will be provided. For more info on bike-to-work day and week:

Finally, this is a big cycling week for me personally. This past Saturday I completed the Central Coast Double Century in 13:25. Tuesday, May 14th, I’m cycling a “staff ride” for the Heartbreak Double Century with my good friend John Clare. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch the Tour of California cyclists race on our local roads. For bike to work day, I’m going to ride to NASA (70 miles round trip) with some old work friends. This Saturday, May 18th, I’m riding the Davis Double Century with John Clare.

Remember, when cycling in the heat: stay hydrated, use electrolyte replacement products, and always wear a helmet.

Kevin Walsh


A Big Thank You to All Who Participated and Volunteered in the Fall Memorial Century

Michael Lemos:

Another High Desert Memorial Fall Century in the books. Thanks to our awesome volunteers who spent the day supporting our riders. Registration crew, sag dudes, rest stop hosts and finish line lunch ‘caterer’…You all did the High Desert Cyclists proud!

Special thanks to Bicycle John’s Lancaster, Benz Sanitation and Starbuck’s for your support. And all the work that goes on behind the scenes, the advertising, permits, insurance, routes, reserving the College parking lot and just talking it up!

Our volunteers included Charlene Duran, Diana Miranda, Pat Hogan, Kevin Walsh, Colin Baird, Rich Coffman, Rob Laughton, Lu Quinn, Bob Macdonald, Elaine Macdonald, Michele Chavez, Sarge Chavez, Tony Miranda, Mark Stiver, Greg Ebbert and my very own specialist volunteer, Nancy Lemos.

Michele Chavez:

Thanks to all the amazing riders in the Fall Memorial Century, Metric Century, and 25-mile ride. It was incredible watching you all participate and brave our Antelope Valley winds to complete your rides. I salute you!

We received this comment from Eric Bruins of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, who rode the Century yesterday:

New favorite roads up in the western Antelope Valley. Like, Solvang quality. Want to come back.

Eric also sent these spectacular photos.

Ridge on Elizabeth Lake Rd

Yesterday’s ride in the Antelope Valley. Marine layer rolling over the ridge on Elizabeth Lake Road. Photo by Eric Bruins

Old Ridge

Western tip of the Antelope Valley from Old Ridge Route. Photo by Eric Bruins


Words from Colin Baird

As I rode through the South of France this morning, (or, was it Leona Valley’s Wine Country?), I thought about nothing. While it took me almost an hour to get my mind to think about nothing, I realized I had accomplished my goal for my daily training ride. I then turned around and headed back for reality and my day at work, but I still had another 45 minutes to think about nothing as I blazed home at a rocket ship pace (well, okay it was 28 mph, but that’s fast for me). This is why I ride. It’s so my mind will turn off and deal with the sounds of the birds, the wheels motioning over the open road, the coyote’s yearning for a fresh meal, and to hear what nature has in store for each one of us lucky enough to get our daily rides in.

Speaking of daily rides, this Saturday October 6th is the day I’ve been waiting for, (primarily because I don’t HAVE to work), but also because our own Kevin Walsh and Jim Harris will both be competing in the grueling 48 hour, 508 mile (that’s right, no sleep), Furnace Creek 508. It is perhaps the toughest sanctioned bicycling event for endurance athletes anywhere.

Your chance to see the entire cast of nut cases who ride this annual event (Kevin and Jim, you are both indeed nuts) will be this Saturday October 6th between the hours of 7:45 and 11:00 AM at 110th and Avenue J. I will lead a contingency of riders out from our normal starting point of 1965 West Avenue L (the Ralph’s Shopping Center). Since I want to make certain we get there on time, I’m planning on leaving at 0645. If you don’t make it there by 0645, I’m sure there will be stragglers who leave at 0700, but you may not see the groups as they go flying down Johnson Hill Road at nearly 60 MPH! I’ll be waiting at Avenue J and 110th as the solo riders and their support trucks come flying down the hill. Kevin will be riding under the guises of “Wolverine”, and Jim will be under “Great Eagle”.

I have nothing formal planned for Saturday, but once the solo group goes by, I may head up to Upper Shake Campground above Lake Hughes and head back down to the valley floor to watch the second wave go through later in the morning. You are welcome (and encouraged) to join me. Lots of fun and camaraderie….

The pace for Saturday will be slow so I can enjoy myself. After all, It’s all about me….

Anyways, bye for now.

The Big Diesel


The Most Extraordinary Opportunity!

As you know, we pay nearly $25,000 per volunteer for volunteers at each Century event. (Just kidding) In past years it has been very easy to attract volunteers because of our generous giving policy. In return, we simply asked for a $24,499 donation back from the volunteer. (Just kidding again) This created a net expense to the club of $1.00 for each event per volunteer. (Just kidding, we really don’t pay for volunteers!). Because times are tough, we’re asking volunteers to continue to work for free……..

For the 2012 HDC Fall Century we are once again NOT PAYING for volunteers, but we know you can help bring them to us because of your charm and exceptional wit. Kids make good donations for volunteers, and sometimes it’s cheaper to donate the child, and take a deduction on your tax return in lieu of picking him up after the ride event. There have been many times during my 4 kids life when a donation sounded really attractive…

In this election year I ask you to please,

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Okay, maybe this is overkill, but please bring us volunteers. We still have room for the following positions.

  • Volunteers are needed to man our 4 rest stops. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have a tent in case we forget you after the ride is over.
  • We also need -Roving sag to keep our riders safe out on the course. For those of you in Rio Linda California, SAG stands for Support and Gear, but we also refer to it as your only friend when you need one most.
  • Since we plan on registering folks the day of the ride, we’ll need folks to man the registration check in area. (The beginning of the ride is when everyone looks their best, so this spot goes fast for single boys and girls, get your spots early).
  • Setup and clean up. We don’t have our parents with us on this ride, so we really need help with set up and clean up. We promised not to tell your spouses you were cleaning up… We don’t want your spouse to have false expectations going forward.
  • We need pickup trucks or SUV’s to take tables/chairs/popups and supplies out to the rest stops. We have lots of rednecks here in the AV, so someone has to have a pickup or SUV besides the 3 diesel trucks in my driveway!

So there it is, our special needs list. Contact Michael Lemos at directly as he has generously put together a talented team of terrific tabulators that will keep track of where everyone goes the day of the ride.




Register for the Fall Century

AV High Desert Fall Century
October 20, 2012

7:00AM start – Antelope Valley College

Sign up today! Registration is OPEN.

Click here to register at

Save $10.00 by signing up before October 2, 2012.

This 8th annual ride is being held on October 20, 2012. Featuring an exciting route with scenic vistas and very few stoplights or stop signs. If you’ve never ridden in the AV this is a perfect ride to get acquainted with the area. Wide open roads with light traffic are excellent for cyclists. There is a route for all levels of cyclists. Seasoned roadies will find the 100 miler to be a challenge and recreational riders will enjoy the shorter mileage rides.

Come on out and ride!

There will be 3 ride distances.

  • 25 miles – flat ride – great for beginners and recreational cyclists.
  • 62 miles – good amount of climbing with very scenic roads.
  • 100 miles – The big one. This ride features extended climbing and will be a challenge for the fittest riders.


Antelope Valley College – north east parking lot near 30th St. West and Ave. J-8.

The ride features full SAG support, multiple rest stops, and lunch at the end of the ride.

You can download the Fall Century Flyer and Registration Form here.

If you have any questions please email Century Chairman Mike Lemos. Thank you!


Bicycle John’s Lancaster Open House… (click on flyer to view)

Grand Opening Flyer