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The “I didn’t see him” defense

From the Bicycle Law blog, a post about the “I didn’t see him” defense:

It’s the most common excuse negligent drivers make after colliding with a cyclist. And it makes no difference whether the cyclist is wearing bright colors or “lit up like a Christmas tree”—negligent drivers will still utter these four words after hitting the cyclist. Except, of course, in the Netherlands, where the presumption of liability encourages drivers to be more careful about seeing cyclists.


Road rage doctor receives 5-year sentence

Streetsblog LA is reporting that Dr. Christopher Thompson was sentenced to 5 years in jail for injuring 2 cyclists on Mandeville Canyon:

Breaking News: “Road Rage” Dr. Christopher Thompson Gets Five Years

Also reported on L.A. Now (LA Times):

Doctor sentenced to 5 years in prison for assaulting bicyclists in Brentwood

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Scott T. Millington called the case a “wake-up call” to motorists and cyclists and urged local government to provide riders with more bike lanes. He said he believed that Thompson had shown a lack of remorse during the case and that the victims were particularly vulnerable while riding their bicycles.