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HDC Proud 2014

The ‘HDC Proud’ is a one-year contest in which members are acknowledged for their support of club sponsored events.  The purpose of the contest is to reward the most loyal club members and of course it also will create a little competition between members.  This is a contest that is not based on races, it rewards members who turn up to events and volunteer or partake in the event.  Extra points are available for members who show their support for the club by wearing Club Jersey’s or T-shirts.


The top 10 most HDC Proud members will be rewarded with a commemorative prize.  The winners of the HDC Proud will be announced at the club’s Christmas Meeting and Dinner in December.


To become eligible for an award, you must fulfill the following requirements within the calendar year:

  1. You must be a club member.
  1. You must ride (and/or volunteer) in a minimum of one dozen HDC events (this includes monthly meetings, Sunday group rides and special events).

Points? How do I earn points?

Points will be awarded according to the chart below.

The most successful members will score something in as many of these boxes as possible. The points can be broken down into seven areas:

  1. The first way to score points in the High Desert Cyclists Points Contest is to get out there and participate in the High Desert Cyclists rides. Bonus points awarded for wearing HDC jersey or t-shirt.
  2. If you step up and organize a ride/event.
  3. The third part of scoring is to volunteer at HDC Events.
  4. The fourth part of scoring is to participate in the High Desert Cyclists Monthly Meetings.
  5. The fifth and last way of scoring is to wear either your HDC Jersey or T-Shirt while partaking in a non-HDC organized bike event.
  6. If you bring a new member who joins HDC.
  7. You are featured in a news article, winner’s podium wearing the HDC logo.

The scoring will be awarded as follows:-

HDC Cycling Event 10pts plus 2pts for wearing HDC jersey of t-shirt
HDC Ride Organizer 5pts
Volunteer at HDC Cycling Event 10pts plus 2pts for wearing HDC jersey of t-shirt
HDC Monthly Meetings 10pts plus 2pts for wearing HDC jersey of t-shirt
Wearing HDC Jersey or T-shirt at non HDC event 5pts
Getting a new member to sign up 15pts
News article, podium finish, wearing HDCSelling the most tickets for the HDC fundraising Jethawks game.  10pts20 pts 


Finally: How do you get credit for your points?

It is your responsibility to make sure the HDC Board is aware of when you gathered points.  For non-HDC events please take/get a photo of yourself wearing your HDC shirt and include it with your notification.

You can report your points two ways, firstly by sending an email to HDC and secondly by reporting your points at HDC monthly meetings.

At the majority of HDC Events a roll call will be taken and it noted who was there, however to be sure your points are correct and nothing was missed please still notify us.

The HDC Board will have the final decision on any discrepancies of points awarded.

Contest Progress

The HDC Website and Facebook will be regularly updated with the current contest progress. The file below was last updated 3/31/2014.

Copy of HDC points march 31


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